High Rise 18-Month Certificate of Deposit

Lock in a Competitive 4.25% APR with Our High Rise 18-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • Earn up to 4.25% Annual Percentage Rate*
  • Minimum deposit $2,500
  • FDIC Insurance up to the maximum limit allowed
  • Great way to start savings
  • One time flexibility to request an increase should the rate we offer for this product rise.
  • Interest compounds daily and is deposited monthly
  • No setup or Maintenance fees

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum opening deposit $2,500.
  • Compounding and Crediting- Interest will be compounded daily and credited monthly.
  • Balance Computation Method - The daily balance method to calculate interest will be used, daily periodic rate is applied to the principal plus the accrued interest each day.
  • CD renews automatically at the end of the term with options to choose another term, add funds, or move funds to a difference product during the 10-day grace period after maturity.
  • A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.
  • No additional deposits may be made to the CD during the term.

Important information:

*4.25% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on the 18-month Bump-Up CD is accurate and effective as of 4/24/2023. The annual percentage yield assumes interest is credited monthly and remains on deposit until maturity.  Penalties for early withdrawals may apply.  A withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings. Interest rates are subject to change anytime without prior notice at the Bank/s discretion. For other provisions applicable to your account, please see your account disclosures and agreement for other important terms and conditions that may apply.